Model & Datastore| Creating and Reverse-Engineering| Oracle Data Integrator 11g

Model & Datastore| Creating and Reverse-Engineering| Oracle Data Integrator 11g


In this blog we will explore:

  • What is Model & how to create a new Model using Oracle or file technology.
  • What is Datastore & how to reverse-engineer a model to populate it with all new & existing datastores.
  • How to create manually data-store of a model.


Model is a group of tabular data structures stored in a data server defined in the topology.

  • Model is based on a Logical Schema which is defined in the topology. In a given Context, Logical Schema is mapped to a Physical Schema which contains physical data structure: such as tables, files etc.
  • Models only contain Metadata Information, i.e. description of the data structures, they do not contain actual data.


A datastore represents a data structure. It describe data in tabular form i.e rows & columns.  It can be a table, a flat file, XML file or any other data structure which is supported by ODI as technology.


Reverse-engineering is the process that populates the Model by retrieving metadata from the data server containing the data structures.

Creating and Reverse-Engineering –  Model & Data-store 

Refer this video for Technology – File System:

Refer this video for Technology – Oracle:

In next blog we will explore how to create a ODI Interface to load data from file to Oracle.


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