In this blog we will explore the three different service models of cloud computing.

  • IaaS – Infrastructure as Service
  • Paas – Platform as Service
  • SaaS – Software as Service

Infrastructure as Service

When user/business is only interested to purchase infrastructure like physical machines, storage, server, network etc. So instead of buying & setting up on-premise hardware, go for Iaas from cloud service provider.

This type of model allows user to purchase computing resources such as server, storage & networking on-demand from service provider. Rest of the thing will be manage by user/business like OS, applications environment, runtime, application data etc.

Common Service Providers: Oracle Cloud, AWS, Azure, GCP.

Platform as Service

When user/business is interested to purchase a platform where they can start develop, manage & operate applications.

For example you want to develop a web application. For that you need a platform where you can write your code, execute the code & database to store the application data. So instead of taking purchasing Iaas and setup everything else by own. You can go with the option of Paas i.e. Iaas + software required to build application.

Enable user/business to focus on development instead of setting up the infra required to build that application. User just have to manage its application, rest of the things manage by service provider.

Software as Service

Cloud based software available over the internet. User can avail the services by purchasing the license/subscription. These application completely managed by the service providers. User does not have to worry about Infrastructure, runtime environment or any application code upgrade.

Best Saas software example:, JIRA, Netflix, Dropbox, Slack etc.

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Happy Learning! Your feedback would be appreciated!

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