In this blog we will explore the basics of git repository. Git – Open source version control system for tracking changes in source code during software development. I have used to create a repository for objects versioning. We will explore below topics in this blog. 

  • Installation of git in the Linux, Windows OS & configuration.
  • Generating ssh key for authentication git-hub account.
  • Clone the existing git-hub repository in local environment.
  • Pushing changes from local cloned repository to remote repository.

Install git:

  • To install the git in Linux: sudo apt-get install git
  • For Windows you can download it from : Check the version after installation

Below configuration required.

git config --global "<<username>>"
git config --global "<<email>>"

Generation SSH keys:

You can setup the ssh keys so that very time you don’t have to provide username & password for git repository while pushing changes. Refer this blog for more details

Below command create the public & private ssh keys for your system.

$ ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 4096 -C ""
$ ssh-add ~/.ssh/id_rsa

Key for Linux & Windows:


The public key present in file you need to copy that & set in your git-hub settings. You can have multiple keys in git-hub account.


Cloning existing git-hub repository:

You can clone the remote repository in your local environment. After that you can make changes & later push to remote location.

Created a repository using the


Repository Created: I have some files in it. Copy SSH link so that we clone the repo.

git clone

After doing some changes in any file you can check the status of git.

git status

Pushing local changes to remote repository:

To push the changes from local to remote repository.

git add . --all
git commit -m 'insert comments here'
git push
git push

Checking object in git-hub:



git clone
git status
git add . --all
git commit -m 'insert comments here'
git push

For creating new repository from command line refer this blog: GitHub Repository Creation – Command Line


Happy Learning! Your feedback would be appreciated!

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