In this blog we will explore the relationship between ODI Master & Work Repository.

You can refer this blog  for better understanding of ODI Master & Work Repositories, how they differ from each other & how to setup new repository in ODI Studio using Oracle technology.

Master & Work Repositories Relationships

Master Repository is usually associated with multiple Work Repositories.

Each Work repository can associate with only one Master Repository.

Case 1)  When single Work Repository is attached to the Master Repository.

  • When we have to isolate any environment from the rest of the environments.
  • Usually case of Production/Pre-Production environment.

In below figure we can see that production/pre-prod master repository is isolated from other repositories. Its like one to one relationship. No information sharing.


Case 2)  When multiple Work Repository is attached to same Master Repository.

  • See below Figure 2, both work repositories are sharing same master repository.
  • Basically both are sharing the same Topology and Security data.
Figure 2


In real word production environment is isolated from rest of the environments.



Happy Learning! Your feedback would be appreciated!

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