Oracle DB on Cloud (AWS Free Tier)


AWS Free Tier (Link), the Amazon RDS Free Tier helps us to get started with a database instance in the cloud. Free for 12 months starting with the date on which we create our AWS account.

We can use this to develop new applications or simply gain hands-on experience with Cloud Computing. It is easy to set up, operate, and scale DB.

Database Available:- MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Oracle & SQL Server.

Steps for creating your own: Oracle DB Instance on Cloud (Free Tier)

Login AWS with your amazon account. Link

Amazon Web Services Login Page

After login AWS redirect to this below Home Page.

Select “RDS” in the Database Section. RDS –  Relational Database Service.

AWS Home Page

After selecting “RDS” in the Database Section. Below RDS Dashboard comes up.

Click on “Launch a DB Instance” in this screen.

AWS RDS Dashboard

Now from here the main setup starts…

 Step 1: Select Engine: Select the DB Engine:

I’m selecting the Oracle EE Database Engine.


Step 2: Production Or Free Tier

For Free Tier: Select Option Second: “Dev/Test”


After that click on Next Step.

Step 3: Specify DB Details:

Select check box for options available for free tier RDS.


Provide DB details here like master username & password. Please note down these details for future reference.


After that click on Next Step.

Step 4:  Configure Advanced Settings:

Use default setting here for free tier service.


Now we can launch the Instance.


After launching: Db instance is being created.


Go to the RDS Dashboard: Instance Tab:  You can check your instance here.

DB Instance Creation is in process

After some time…

Oracle DB Instance is ready. Note down your Endpoint, which is basically the HOST.

Db Instance is available now

My End Point:

Steps for Connecting Oracle Database: Windows

Install Oracle Client on machine. Also check your firewall settings for port 1521. Open Command Prompt & use below command to connect DB.

sqlplus username/password@host:port/service 

Where username: Your Database Master Username in Step 3



Now you can create your own database & other database objects.


Happy Learning!

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